Fire Detection Systems

Conventional Panels

EC-P4Z Conventional 4 Zone

New solution for the budget conscious user looking for simple, effective and compliant fire detection solution.
8 Zone panel also available.

1X/ZP1 Conventional

Available in 2, 4 or 8 zone options this versatile conventional panel has been tried and tested, and proven worthy

GST Conventional

This robust metal conventional panel comes as 2, 4 , 8 or 16 zone. Its hardy design is ideal for industrial sites

Addressable Panels

EA-P116 One Loop

New economical range only available from G2 Fire, offers a simple one loop addressable panel that will give you all the features you expect, but without the high price tag.

OneMini 1 Loop

The slick touch screen panel from Teledata is a 1 loop panel that supports up to 240 addresses. Using the modern AV loop devices, including the lowest power sounder beacons on the market

2X-A/ZP2-A Addressable

Brand new look addressable panel, available for Ziton, 2000 Series or 900 Series protocols. Enhanced features include metal enclosure, increased power and improved jog dial.

EA-P232 Addressable

Where more than a single loop is required, but budget is still a big concern this 1 or 2 loop IP networked panel can provide the answers. With up to 324 addresses per loop, 510 per panel.

Specialist Detection

Beam Detectors

Optical beam detectors use light to span large areas. When the light is disrupted by smoke the beams activate. Beams are ideal areas where ceiling height or access are a problem for traditional detection.

Linear Heat Cable

Linear heat cable comes as digital or linear, but it is just that, a cable, which is perfect for dirty, dusty industrial areas. Perfect for tunnels, car parks, conveyor belts and a host of other tricky industrial sites.

Flame Detectors

Not all fires have smoke, and sometimes just a spark is already too much. That's when flame detectors save the day. In UV or IR variants depending on the risk.

Aspirating HSSD

Aspirating smoke detection actively samples the air and can identify tiny amounts of smoke, ideal for early warning. It's also a very versatile detector in many harsh and industrial applications.

Extinguishing Detection

Extinguishing Panels

1X/ZP1 X3 Conventional

Economical 3 Zone Extinguishing Control Panel is simple, economical and installed across the country. Taking the fuss out of extinguishing control.

Sigma XT & ZXT

Kentec's extinguishing panels are instantly recognizable. As one of the most popular panels, OEM versions can be seen across the globe.


The new G2 ECP-1000 extinguishing panel is EN approved, has a 10,000 event memory and can network to other ECP and EA panels.

G2-X3 Industrial

For industrial applications its often necessary to protect the panel inside an enclosure, but this makes it difficult to activate the panel. The G2 designed enclosure allows the buttons and key switches to be activated on the outside of the enclosure allowing the panel to remain protected.


The new G2 ECP-1000 extinguishing panels can come housed inside our external enclosure. The clear window allows ideal access to see the screen and LEDs.

G2 Fire does not supply gas, cylinders or other components related to the extinguishants.

Voice Evacuation

Quick response saves lives

It has been proven time and again that clear and concise instructions improve evacuation times.  Speed in getting people from a danger is critical to good safety.

In public buildings where people are unfamiliar with exits, clear messages regarding alarms or emergencies can assist in quickly moving people to right places.

In addition, new building regulations have increased the requirement for certain categories of building to have voice evacuation along with their fire detection.

Voice evacuation provides clear instructions via speakers throughout a building, letting everyone know what to do in an emergency.

Voice Evacuation versus Public Address

While both voice evacuation and public address can deliver messages through speakers across a building, there are some key features that differentiate them.  These are just a few of the main points to look out for:

  • EN54 certified equipment must be used for compliant evacuation
  • Should include battery backup and backup amplifiers
  • Voice evacuation speakers must have additional certification and fire resistant features

Emergency Communications

Fire telephones and refuge communications are often confused with voice evacuation, but they are two separate systems.

Providing efficient communication to key personnel around a site or building can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Wireless Fire Detection

Retro Fit or Structural Issues

Where a building is already complete, or where it isn't possible to run cables, a wireless installation will be faster and cause less disruption to the business.


SmartCell can work independently or with other fire panels. Limited number of devices make this ideal for smaller Installations. Simple and reliable, as wireless should be.

EMS Ziton/Aritech Wireless

Select either Ziton or Aritech protocol. Either add wireless to your existing fire system, or make a complete wireless solution. Installed throughout SA.

Design Considerations

Many buildings can't or don't want to have cables, but need to have a compliant fire alarm system. Wireless devices are versatile and discreet, while also fully EN54 compliant.

Graphical Software

G2 FireGrafix

FREE with every ZP2 and 2X panel bought from G2 Fire, is access to the web-based graphics FireGrafix. With a full tutorial course free on all you need is to connect your panel to the internet.  FireGrafix provides simple panel reporting via a web page or Telegram notification. It also has the option to upload site maps and add the icons, giving instant image feedback for your client.

ATS Advisor Management Software

For more advanced features on your ZP2, 2X, ZP3 or FP panels, the full security management software is available.  This software will require a server PC, along with good networking knowledge to get it up and running. Along with providing alarms and interaction to the panels it allows uploading of maps for a fully interactive experience.