AJ North in East London

AJ North in East London

Soft n Smooth is manufactured by AJ North situated in East London, the AJN Factory is one of the few South African manufacturers to be GMP certified. Cementing itself as an essential as a part of SA Daily Hygiene routine. A J. North prides itself on production and delivery of innovative and high-quality products and proud to be producing locally.

Previously had no fire detection installed.

Insurance has stipulated a requirement for fully compliant fire detection

Manufacturing facility with administration areas. (circa 150 devices)

Used new G2 EA-P232 and associated devices on 2 loops throughout the facility

Pricing for the system offered a cost saving of 23% compared with the next best priced addressable systems on G2 portfolio even including the cost of the handheld programer

  • Built in Printer
  • Robust Metal Cabinet including Glass Door
  • Colour Screen
  • 32 Zone LED and Button interface

Jumpers on the door allowed the installer to commission the system with no key beeps or fault sounder and not disturb the office staff.

Handheld programmer allowed the field devices to be tested before the panel was even powered on. This includes verifying what is connected to each loop, activating sounders one at a time. The few loop devices with incorrect addressing etc. were dealt with and when connected to the panel and auto-learned 100% accuracy was achieved on the panel in a matter of minutes. All that was left to do was the Cause and Effect programming, zoning and naming of devices using a standard USB mouse and keyboard plugged directly into the panel.